Litauen tanzt

4. Lithuanian Dance Festival Berlin

With its fourth edition “Litauen tanzt.” is firmly established in the Berlin dance calendar.
Since 2012 the festival has evolved from a modest experiment into a multi-faceted platform for contemporary dance which lasts several days and where both still lesser-known, but also already internationally acclaimed choreographers from Lithuania present their productions.

DOCK 11 has been the home of the festival from the very beginning. And also in 2017 the main program of “Litauen tanzt” will take place here. It is a cause for rejoicing and evidence for the festival’s continuously increasing relevance that for the first time a Baltic neighboring country will be presented in this edition: the audience will have a chance to see dance and performance artists from Estonia.

Dance for children is an integral part of Lithuanian dance. All the better that the festival since its establishment can be delighted about a very elemental partnership with the children’s and youth-oriented Theater an der Parkaue. In 2017 the Dansema Dance Theatre will present there a dance performance especially created for children of 0-3 years.

Also in 2017, the festival will launch, together with the Center for Movement Research with the Center for Movement Research at the FreeUniversity Berlin under the direction of Prof. Dr. Gabriele Brandstetter, a scientific exchange and a scientific series on Baltic dance.