Lucky Lucy

PADI DAPI Fish Dance Theatre/Annika Ostwald
Performative Walk

Saturday, 04.02.2017, 12.00 h (Lithuanian) 16.00 h (English), DOCK 11
Meeting point: Nordbahnhof
Duration: 60 min.


When we met her in Hong Kong, she was just about to leave somewhere we haven’t been. She invited us to take a stroll in the labyrinth of her head, full of stories that have crossed our life. Shared memories – library of flashbacks spinning like her restless being, still like trees, it is a journey through the landscapes and atmospheres.

Lithuanian choreographer Agnija Šeiko is a freelance choreographer and the leader of contemporary dance company Padi Dapi fish. She has received her BA and MA in choreography and theatre science at Klaipėda University (LT) and at the Rotterdam Dance Academy (NL). Her works were performed at various dance festivals and venues both in Lithuania and abroad. Agnija collaborates with creators of various art forms, the results of which are dance pieces with original music, sculpture installations and audiovisual art.

Annika Ostwald is a dance artist based in Oslo (Norway). Annika graduated 2004 from Laban dance school, London (UK) with a BA hons in Dance Theatre, in 2001 she graduated with a HND (High National Diploma) in Performing Arts from Clarendon College, Nottingham (UK). 2005-2010 she ran InTransit dance company together with Line Strøm. Annika now runs her own projects, but also works in collaboration with other artists and art forms.

Choreography and performance Agnija Šeiko, Annika Ostwald
Text Vaiva Grainytė
Dramaturgy PeO Sander
Composer &technician Magnus Bugge
Consultant Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir
Audio assistant Kristijonas Lučinskas
Voices Ida Uvaas, Lars-Petter Iversen, Marit H. Lund, Håkon Mathias Vassvik, Torgrim Mellum Stene, Virginija Šeiko, Petras Lisauskas, Arūnas Sarulis, Arūnas Acus, Vaiva Grainytė
Co-ordinators Torgrim Mellum Stene, Greta Seiliūtė
Translators Torgrim Mellum Stene and Austėja Banytė
Graphic designer Andrius Lektutis
Production PADI DAPI Fish Dance Theatre, Annika Ostwald
Producer Goda Giedraitytė
Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Nordic Culture Fund and NOTAM (Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts)
Thanks to Lithuanian Railways, Klaipeda Drama Theatre, Nordic House (Nordens Hus, IS)

Premiere 2016