(g)round zero

Marius Paplauskas/Marius Pinigis

Friday, 03.02.2017, 20.00 h, DOCK 11
Saturday, 04.02.2017, 18:30 h, DOCK 11
Duration: 50 min.


In its pure meaning the term ground zero has quite destructive and militant DNA. But in our case “(g)round zero” marks the point in time and space where two dancers, Marius and Marius, feel inescapable need to meet each other on stage, challenge themselves and start their dance adventure from zero. Why from zero? Because we need to find the common way to move on stage since our dance backgrounds are completely different. And more importantly, we feel more than ever before strong desire to search for a reason why we dance and what is the trigger for us to keep on doing it.

“Rising up, back on the street/Did my time, took my chances/Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet/Just a man and his will to survive” – Does this text sound familiar to you? Yes or no, but it certainly does to us! These are the opening lines from the Survivor song “Eye of the Tiger”. And they work as inspiration and motivation for us. Rocky, Terminator, Baywatch, Mortal Kombat, Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson or Jimmy Hendrix, Backstreet Boys or All4one, and many more movies, singers, bands, artists have the same effect for us and our piece. So “(g)round zero” is not only a fusion of two differently trained dancers. It is a homage to our childhood and our heroes from that time, to freedom and bravery, to fantasy and a tribute to the presence of the here and now.

When you start to feel that forces are awakening deep inside of you… Your guts are screaming “I want to break free”… You have the eyes of the tiger and your body is sharp and electrified as if you would be the Terminator… There is no other way than just to believe that we all have the power, for sometimes it’s so hard to see. And whenever you have any doubts, just follow these words: “I’ll be there,/I’ll be ready,/Never your fear,/Now don’t you fear,/I’ll be there,/Forever and always, I’m always here!”

Marius Paplauskas is a well-known street dancer and choreographer in Lithuania, great teacher, willing to make a huge leap of his carrier in professional field of performing not only locally but also internationally. Furthermore he is a promising video artist.

Marius Pinigis is a contemporary dance performer/choreographer who performs a lot in Lithuania as well as around the world with different projects. Marius has a lot of experience working with international projects with various choreographers and also organizes dance workshops.

Choreography and dance Marius Paplauskas, Marius Pinigis
Sound design Andrius Stakelė
Lighting design Povilas Apulis
Visual design Artūras Bulota
Management and public relations Agnė Pinigienė
Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Kaunas City Municipality

Premiere 2016