Andrius Katinas – WORK

Friday, 12 December 2014
Saturday, 13 December 2014
each 07.00 p.m.

Andriaus Katino nuotr


Zodiak – Center for New Dance | Finland

Andrius Katinas

As a concept, the idea of work is very broad. Between work as a phenomenon in general and work as a personal experience, lie fracture and fusion. Both starting points inhabit the same body, the same mind and provoke reminiscences about exploitation, personal memories, efficiency and self-reflection. Katinas concentrates in his portrait of a human, who remains a landscape of structures, on the aspects of the lazy body and the construction of identity through labour as a personal universe.

Idea and performance: Andrius Katinas
Assistance: Saara Töyrylä
Text: Mladen Stilinovic (Praise of Laziness)
Music: Onutė Narbutaitė (Symphonia Secunda von Tres Dei Matris Symphoniae)
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance | Finland
Duration: 50 min.
Premiere: 2013

Andrius Katinas is a Lithuanian dance artist based in Finland. He studied theatre and dance arts at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and at the Theatre Academy of Finland. Since 1999 he has been actively working as a performer and a choreographer both in Finland and Lithuania. His main focus lies in different modes of collaboration and continuous search of new approaches and perspectives in dance making.